Julia Bruns

Wishes and aspirations not enough to get good result for a losing weight or to get nice body. Knowledge’s about exercise form and technique, specifics of body, food etc. helping to get your target.
Therefore about 2.5 years ago I came to Lesley for a help! And that was the best choose I did on a last 6 years on my journey for a losing weight. For these 2.5 years I could get from Lesley a lot of explanation about exercise form and technique. Together based on a specific on my body /illness we searched and tried different diets. I got really support from him to stay motivated during COVID-19 lockdown. Every month challenges helped to stay on a correct way and go further for a best result. And I lost 24 kg. J Maybe in the future you will see me on a bodybuilder podium (joke) but who knows J…..
If you are not seeing result of your own effort I will defiantly recommend Lesley!

Julia Bruns-Klepikova